Women Who Walk the World

Where will the trail lead you?

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Walking Trips


The Dolomites


Via Francigena

Vineyard in front of a Church



Via Podiensis

9 days / 6 days of walking

Come with us!

We design walking excursions for women.

Come see how a long distance walk can empower you to do things you never thought possible! 

Our custom trips are carefully planned to give you the

experience of a lifetime!

The routes we follow and the places we visit are all designed to provide you with a unique experience and lasting memories.

All accommodations are hand picked, by us. We choose each accommodation based on the authentic experience it provides as well as its charm. 

You will have the opportunity to eat local cuisine, enjoy regional wines, and meet people from many different countries.

Not only will you have a memorable journey but we will also help you

prepare, pack, and get your body physically ready

to take on a long distance walk.

For our participants, we offer individual and group consultations covering 

fitness, gear, and nutrition.

Our walks consist of 6 - 17 miles per day over a variety of terrain.

The number of participants is limited to 8 in order to provide you with a personalized experience.


Walking Sticks


Nutritional Cooking